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Serving the entire state of Arizona, A to Z Solar provides professional, affordable solar installations for residential or commercial properties. Solar power is more affordable than most people think. Switching to solar energy will reduce your energy bill immediately upon installation. It will also increase property value and allow you to stop relying on grid power systems and fossil fuels.

Solar energy adds value to your home, while reducing your overall energy costs. You do not pay anything at installation. Your first month’s bill replaces your electric or gas bill, and we always make sure that your average monthly energy bill does not increase.  

Our installation professionals are licensed in 17 states and have an immaculate reputation for excellence in customer care.

By using solar power, you will save money right away. You generate your own electricity for a $0 down payment. It is better for both the environment and your bank account.

Our process is simple. We review your utility bill, conduct a proposal, select the best solar energy option for you, and install the system. Worry free, hassle free, and quick, zero dollars down installations – What more could you ask for?

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